Experience in Both Sides of Subrogation Claims

Because of our reputation for handling a wide variety of litigation matters on behalf of insurance companies and their insureds, Dean & Gibson, PLLC , is frequently called upon by insurance companies to handle subrogation claims against third parties. Our subrogation experience ranges from small property damage claims to large commercial fire loss claims.

The experience of our attorneys in defense litigation provides us with the ability to understand the goals, arguments and strategies of opposing counsel. This invaluable insight allows the attorneys of Dean & Gibson, PLLC , to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes of plaintiff's counsel and to maximize recovery on behalf of the insurer.

Dean & Gibson, PLLC , 's experience in representing plaintiffs allows us to pursue our clients' claims with knowledge and confidence while using proven strategies. Our exposure to both sides of a case gives Dean & Gibson, PLLC , the ability to formulate tactics and strategies for the courtroom in order to achieve success for our clients.

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