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Comprehensive Products Liability Representation

In the field of products liability, Dean & Gibson, PLLC has experience over many years in representing parties in many complex cases, in both state and federal courts. Over the years, we have represented product manufacturers and designers, installers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, including specialty areas, such as food suppliers, restaurants, airlines, and aircraft and automotive manufacturers, as well as their insurers. We have also represented individuals and businesses, as well as their property insurance carriers who have been damaged or suffered economic losses due to defective products.

Dean & Gibson, PLLC is experienced with products liability claims involving a wide variety of products and services, including industrial equipment, household devices, construction equipment, mechanical and electrical systems, chemical cases, food claims, asbestos, and aviation cases. We have worked with and are familiar with qualified experts in numerous areas who assist us in developing a strong case for our clients. We are also experienced in handling the defense of products liability cases and have obtained very successful results in many cases, including high volume claims by plaintiff's counsel where we demonstrate that their experts are not qualified or giving accurate information.

Experienced and Respected Products Liability Attorneys

The lawyers at Dean & Gibson, PLLC are well respected and knowledgeable in products liability matters. Founding senior partner, Rod Dean, heads up the products liability practice at Dean & Gibson, PLLC . Rod has tried numerous products liability cases. He has authored articles in the Journal of Products Liability, as well as books and articles related specifically to products liability claims in North Carolina. His articles have been published in the Journal of Failure Analysis Prevention, as well as the American Society for Materials Journal, and The Journal of Products Liability.

He has presented numerous programs on products liability and related issues and has assisted clients with product review and product liability evaluation for products, manuals and warnings. He has counseled numerous manufacturers on product design and safety, incident management and spoliation of evidence.

He has been an executive affiliate member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for over 30 years and is also an affiliate member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of the American Chemical Society. He has previously served on the ASTM Products Liability Commission Committee and is a member of the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society.

Dean & Gibson, PLLC has provided assistance for both products liability prevention, as well as representation of both plaintiffs and defendants and their insurance carriers in products liability claims. Other attorneys at Dean & Gibson, PLLC have also handled numerous products liability matters.

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