Environmental & Occupational Claims

Environmental, Toxic Tort & Occupational Disease Claims

The effects of toxic exposure and occupational disease can be significant both to the victims as well as the defendants who are alleged to be involved in the manufacturing or distribution of such materials. These claims often involve complex matters where there are not only significant potential damages but other serious consequences for manufacturers and their insurance carriers. Dean & Gibson, PLLC has defended hundreds of asbestos-related cases.

Experienced Representation for Your Environmental or Toxic Tort Claim

Dean & Gibson, PLLC has extensive experience in representing parties in environmental and toxic tort claims and related coverage issues. Our lawyers have represented parties in cases involving exposure to chemicals and environmental agents that have given rise to personal injury, wrongful death, property damage and contract claims. These claims are created by exposure to chemicals and environmental agents by various situations such as products, workplaces, accidents, explosions, food and hazardous material spills and leaks.

We have experience in handling cases involving alleged toxic exposure to asbestos, silica, lead paint, mold, nickel, chromium, formaldehyde and other allegedly toxic chemicals and environmental agents. Dean & Gibson, PLLC 's attorneys consult with experienced experts to analyze the scientific and medicinal issues that are relevant to these cases. Our experience in these areas has resulted in a favorable outcome for numerous clients.

In this field, it is important to have experienced counsel assisting for both the presentation of claims and their defense. Dean & Gibson, PLLC can assist in providing appropriate representation for claims in these areas.

Dean & Gibson, PLLC has dealt with both federal and state products liability laws that pertain to these types of claims relating to harmful substances and products for both claimants and manufacturers, as well as their insurance carriers.

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