Auto & Trucking Accidents

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Auto Accidents

Auto accidents make up a large amount of personal injury claims filed with insurers. These claims vary greatly in degree, from minor property damage claims to catastrophic accidents resulting in multiple fatalities. The attorneys at Dean & Gibson, PLLC are extremely well versed in handling automobile accident claims. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of liability law and are able to help clients navigate the complex issues involved in assessing "uninsured" and "underinsured" motorist coverage. The attorneys at Dean & Gibson, PLLC continuously handle all types of automobile accidents and have the knowledge and resources to pursue successful outcomes for our clients.

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accident litigation involves issues that are far different than the typical automobile accident. Federal and state regulations governing the trucking industry require attorneys to be thoroughly familiar with the practices of both drivers and their employers.

Our attorneys are well versed in the regulations governing interstate and intrastate trucking. Experience in this area of the law is essential. Many trucking claims call for detailed and complex accident reconstruction and analysis.

The attorneys at Dean & Gibson, PLLC have the resources necessary to prepare these cases for litigation. The damages and risks involved in trucking accident claims are usually significant and require competent legal representation. The attorneys at Dean & Gibson, PLLC are experienced in trucking litigation and have the knowledge and means necessary to pursue a successful outcome for our clients.

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